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In general, W&B Television GmbH & Co. KG can unfortunately not accept unsolicited material. Documents will be returned unread.

Should you nevertheless submit unsolicited material, you acknowledge that you have read our above-mentioned submission guideline, understanding and accepting that a submission will not create any obligation for W&B Television GmbH & Co. KG to you or your submission and that you have no claims based on your submission.

As a precaution we would like to point out that W&B Television GmbH & Co. KG constantly works with a large number of different scripts, developing some further and eventually filming several ones. It can therefore not be ruled out that – even if we do not know the content of the screenplay you have sent us, because we have not read it – future productions may in your opinion have similarities with the script you sent in. Regardless of the copyright protectability of the story submitted by you or of those elements similar to future productions, our company shall not be held liable in such a case.

We ask for your understanding and wish you every success.


The data collected by W&B Television GmbH & Co. KG from you contacting us via the indicated email addresses will be processed by us exclusively for the purpose of establishing contact. Further information can be found in our data protection declaration (https://www.w-b-film.de/en/data-privacy/).